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Network Analysis – WIC Retailers in Tacoma

cundiffw_Lab_6_Bonus_2The route in the top half of the display was creating using a network analysis. The idea was to find the fasted delivery route that would stop at each location. The constructed street network included speed limits and road classification to assist in using the fastest streets possible.

The bottom half of the display is a service area analysis. These locations each have a two separate polygons around them. The first, and smallest polygon in dark green, shows all areas that would be within a five minute walk from the retail center. The larger and lighter green polygon shows areas that are within a ten minute walk from the retail center. It may seem logical to have assumed that someone could walk half a mile in ten minutes, and then to make a circle with a half mile radius around the center. But this would assume that people could walk through buildings and other obstacles. Therefore real walking distances using sidewalks was used.

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