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Transit Flood Analysis


This analysis was started by setting up a file geodatabase to organize feature datasets as they were collected. Washington State Geospatial Data Archive (WAGDA) was the source for the feature datasets used. The data for the transit routes needed to be cleaned up early in the analysis. When the transit routes were added into ArcMap, each route was composed of several shorter segments, the dissolve tool was used to turn these many segments into one single segment representing each bus route. Another feature dataset used (not shown in map) showed the potential flood areas for Pierce County. The intersect tool was used to find areas where the bus routes would intersect flood zones. From here, it was calculated how much of each bus route would potentially be under water, then each route was displayed on the map based on the percentage compromised in the event of severe flooding. Dark green means less than two percent of the route could be flooded, and red means at least thirty percent of the route could be flooded. The route with highest percentage of potential flooding was route #113 at thirty-five percent.

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